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Mayor Chavit Singson shares blessings through ‘Grateful Tuesdays’

Grateful tuesday

BLESSINGS poured once more in the 7th and season-ender episode of “Grateful Tuesdays” when Ilocos Sur Mayor Chavit Singson as special guest last Tuesday, November 3, gave out P200,000 to four lucky and outstanding citizens. Chemist Pinky Tobiano’s show “Grateful Tuesdays” gave recognition to the stories of a grandfather, a son, a father and a mother who have shown industry, perseverance and resiliency amidst poverty and present crises.

The winners/honorees had a chance to talk to, thank Mayor Chavit and seek advice on how to survive in their present predicament. Emotions were further stirred when Mayor Chavit announced that each of them would receive P50,000 incentive. Mayor Chavit was interviewed by Tobiano and co-host Yeng Constantino.

This generosity of Mayor Chavit firms up his being the Father of Ilocos Sur. Mayor Chavit also announced the good news about Gracia Telecom which will solve the citizenry’s problem on the internet and debit cards.

He also announced his program which will grant 5 full college scholarships to poor but deserving students. With Mayor Chavit’s support, “Grateful Tuesdays” will choose five poor but intelligent students.

We salute the Model Father – not only to Ilocos Sur, but to the whole country as well.