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Mayor Kois being targetted this early??Tsk

SOCIAL media and at times, even the mainstream media, are already abuzz with speculations as to who will possibly be gunning for the presidency come 2022 elections.

Among those being floated as a likely candidate is Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. This is highly expected due to his countless notable accomplishments in so short a time. Easily, his is a feat no other mayor in this country has ever done, thus putting Manila back on the map as truly, the country’s capital city.

Recently, various forms of materials like pictures and tarps, of him being pitted against certain politicians who are expected to run for President next year, have been circulating on social media. Some are solo, while some had even partnered him with known politicians supposedly as his ‘vice president.’

Many will probably raise their eyebrows or not believe but in reality, the good mayor’s attention is so far from the 2022 polls. Too, he has nothing to do with what appears to be early campaigning. It’s just not his thing.

If you’d ask me, I even suspect that the dissemination of such materials picturing Mayor Kois as already campaigning for President may even be the handiwork of those actually salivating for the position.

They probably see Mayor Kois — and rightly so— as a threat and thus think that making it appear like he is already campaigning for next year’s polls this early may decrease his following and turn off the public.

I cannot blame them. Without lifting a finger, Mayor Kois had been topping surveys and polls which he did not even commission. Be it presidential, vice presidential or even senatorial polls, Mayor Kois tops them all effortlessly. Thus, the need to discredit him this early.

While Mayor Kois says he is flattered by the non-stop proddings and the fact that many consider him as a presidential frontrunner, his whole focus at the moment is actually just on getting Manilans vaccinated, if not a hundred percent, at least enough to establish herd immunity, getting Manila’s economy back on its pre-pandemic status and creating job opportunities for those who have lost their work.

While Manila took the lead in the entire country as the first to be all set for vaccination –as in vaccines are all that is needed, way ahead of time—Mayor Kois and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna continue brainstorming to make the city’s vaccination program airtight. This is also where Vice Honey’s expertise as a doctor comes in and is best appreciated by the mayor.

The pandemic has shown the kind of leadership material Mayor Kois really is. Every step of the way, from the onset of the coronavirus up to now that the vaccines are already forthcoming, the city government of Manila had always been a step ahead, sorry to say, even of the national health authorities.

There is no denying that Manila led in implementing lockdowns, formulating local laws to make health protocols mandatory, distributing cash and food assistance in lieu of economic losses, imposing curfews to stem foot traffic, establishing numerous quarantine facilities, purchasing its own RT-PCR machines amid the pricey swab tests, building its own molecular testing laboratory still in connection with the anti-COVID measures and now, having its totally complete and high-end cold chain.

The city’s storage facility for COVID vaccines is ready to accommodate at least a million vaccines and to meet any temperature requirement.

Before all these, Mayor Isko and Vice Mayor Honey opened the Manila Infectious Disease Control Center (MIDCC) at the Sta. Ana Hospital in the sixth district under the directorship of Dr. Grace Padilla. From there, the said hospital went on to become the center of the city government’s COVID efforts, thus turning it into a premium hospital.

It is where the molecular lab and storage facility are located, along with the RT-PCR machines where swab specimens are read. From then on until now, Manila is also the lone city in the entire country to offer free COVID tests to all, opening its doors even to non-Manilans under the principle that the coronavirus is a public health concern that should be addressed inclusively and that those from nearby cities and provinces also go to Manila and should also be afforded the means to protect themselves and subsequently, Manilans, from getting the virus.

What Mayor Kois had accomplished to address the pandemic are more than enough to form a handbook that could also be used in the future. But of course, we hope there would be no need for it.


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Jokjok (from Charlotte Bernabe of Fairview, Quezon City)— Hari: Ano gusto mong parusa? Ipakain sa leon o pasukan ng bubuyog sa pwet?
Pedro: Mas gugustuhin ko pong pasukan ng bubuyog sa pwet.

Hari: Ah, ganun? Pwes, mga kawal! Ilabas si Jolibee at mga tropa nya!


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Itchie G. Cabayan
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