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Mean attacks on Dacera and friends and PNP won’t help

THE controversial death of Philippine Airlines Express (PALEx) flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera on New Year’s Day is by far the most sensational case that has happened in the past few months, while the country is in the middle of a pandemic and the National Capital Region (NCR) is still under a general community quarantine status.

The poor 23-year-old was found lifeless inside the bathtub of the room they had rented at the City Gardens Hotel in Makati City, where she and her friends and colleagues spent the night partying to welcome the New Year.

Subsequently, she was rushed to the Makati Medical Center but to no avail. She was declared dead on arrival and according to police authorities, she had abrasions and hematoma.

All her 11 co-attendees in that ill-fated party are now tagged as suspects, pending the outcome of a thorough investigation.

I was told by some friends from PAL that of the number, four are said to be closest to Dacera. One is a colleague of hers at PALEx, one is a PAL flight steward, while the other two were said to be former flight stewards, one from Cebu Pacific and the other also from PALEx. All of them are gay.

I do not intend to add to all the ongoing, uneducated guesses and speculations flooding the social media about what really happened or the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death. Nor am I passing judgment either on the victim or those with whom she partied.

I just hope the public will respect the victim who, based on comments by some mean netizens and those who wish to defend or exonerate Dacera’s partymates, is being pictured as a woman of loose morals, etcetera.

This is unfair and plain mean, since Dacera is no longer around to defend herself. And granting for the sake of argument that she was that kind of girl and she got raped, rape is rape. No woman ever deserves it.

On the part of those who have now been tagged as suspects, let us also show them some respect by not attacking their gender just because we are of the belief that they raped the victim and caused her death. None of us were in that said party to conclusively judge any of them or what really happened.

Particularly in the case of Dacera’s closest friends, I can just imagine how pained they are to lose a dear friend on New Year’s Day and worse, get accused of ending her life. That is, of course, assuming that they had nothing to do with her death based on their claims of innocence.

There is also no use attacking the police probing the incident as they are only doing their job. And the language!

On my part, maybe, just maybe, it is also worth looking into the possibility that Dacera may have decided to take a hot shower while intoxicated. This, according to a doctor-friend of mine, is a dangerous mix.

This friend had said that alcohol may alter blood pressure and heart activity. If it lowers blood pressure, it may cause dizziness, a situation which can be further exacerbated by the effects of hot shower or being immersed in a bath tub filled with hot water.

I am no doctor but I can still clearly recall when a friend of mine who owns a spa previously got entangled in a legal mess when a female customer who arrived drunk passed out while immersed in the hot Jacuzzi. She was said to have suffered a heart attack or something.

That customer suffered bruises and survived, only to mulct my friend, who chose to haggle just to make the problem go away. When the customer began demanding an unreasonable amount knowing fully well that the spa was not at fault for what happened to her, my friend decided to hire a lawyer and fight it out in court where the case still pends.

I hope that the same thing was what actually happened in the case of Dacera who, by the way, as an employee, was described by PAL spokersperson Ma. Cielo ‘Diva’ Villaluna as an upstanding one—someone who volunteered when most of her colleagues won’t.

Condolence to the family of Dacera and may they find the real truth behind her death.


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