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Megan opts to be with Mikael than work

Megan Young
Megan Young

MEGAN Young is supposed to play one of the three wives of Dennis Trillo in GMA-7’s new soap, “Legal Wives”, but then she decided to beg off. Not because she doesn’t like to do lock-in taping but she’d rather join her husband in the lock-in taping of “Love of My Life”, the hit Kapuso primetime show that has resumed its taping a week ago in Tagaytay.

Megan’s loss is now Andrea Torres’ gain, who quickly agreed to replace her since she and her inamorato, Derek Ramsay, are not yet taping their own new show, “Sanggang Dikit”. So now, Megan is Mikael Daez’ ‘plus one’ on the set of his drama series with Carla Abellana, Rhian Ramos and Coney Reyes.

Mikael posted his photo in his social media account taken on location in the set in Tagaytay and Megan is right there beside him. Mikael wrote: “Bahay-bahayan sa bundok. It has been almost a week of being trapped together in one room. We barely go out to stay as safe as possible… and we’re enjoying!! It feels like a camping trip! We brought supplies and equipment to make ourselves productive and can I just say, Tagaytay is beautiful during this time of the year! This work from camp situation has been a success so far. Another 10 days to go!”

How sweet it is for Megan and Mikael to be together as he tapes his show. They must feel like they’re having another honeymoon. Perhaps they can look forward to having a baby that’s made in Tagaytay, courtesy of the lock in taping of “Love of My Life”.

Another notable project for Dennis

Legal Wives
Stars ng Legal Wives.

DENNIS Trillo is so fortunate that GMA is giving him truly notable projects that are most certain to be talked about, like “My Husband’s Lover”, where he played a gay role, that was a really big hit in the ratings game. For sure, his new soap, “Legal Wives”, will also be talked about since usually, philandering husbands are portrayed in local soaps as having only one wife and one “kabit” as in “Dalawang Mrs. Real” and “Tubig at Langis”, both hits.

In his case, he will have three women in his life and they are all legal. This is billed as a cultural drama and it’s because Dennis plays the role of a Muslim who is allowed by their society to have many legal wives. He plays Ishmael, who comes from the tribe of the Maranaws in Mindanao. His three legal wives are Alice Dixson as Amirah, Andrea Torres as Diane and Bianca Umali, his newest and youngest wife, as Farrah.

Also in the cast are veteran stars Cherie Gil and Al Tantay as the Muslim parents of Dennis named Zaina and Hasheeb. Lending them adequate support are Maricar de Mesa, Juan Rodrigo, Bernard Palanca, Kevin Santos and Irma Adlawan. Also being officially introduced in their first drama series are the last Starstruck discoveries, Shayne Sava and Abdul Raman.

Shayne is the female winner in the last Starstruck while Abdul is the runnerup to the male winner Kim de Leon. But we’re glad it’s the two of them who are being paired with each other since they have better chemistry, both being cute and petite. We’re sure their young love team will click with the fans who are always looking for new teenage idols to idolize.

We just hope GMA is doing thorough research about this matter of having several legal wives as this can be quite controversial. We’re sure they’re getting Muslim consultants to help them write the script. Or they can consult local actresses who have had relationships with Muslim men, like Alma Moreno who was once married to Mayor Fahad Salic and lived for a while in Cagayan de Oro, and also Ynez Veneracion, who has a daughter with Muslim politician Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu.

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