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Mendez invests in waste segregation

Waste segregation machine
Sorters remove the glass and tin cans before collected garbage passes through the granulated machine. Photo by DENNIS ABRINA

MENDEZ Mayor Eric Vida has allocated around P7 million for the purchase of 9 waste segregating equipment which include sorting conveyor, rapid composting machine, plastic shedder and bottle and glass crusher.

Eight mini dump trucks haulee garbage daily in 25 barangays of the locality before the LGU acquired the waste segregating machines from the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office.

MENRO Head Amir Ambagan said plastic and granulated wastes were hauled by a cement company for recycling. Kitchen or biodegradable waste will be processed into compost to be distributed to Mendez farmers.

Rejected bottles and glass are fed to the crusher for use later to make hollow blocks.

“Our team operates Monday to Saturday to ensure the garbage collection in the locality is properly implemented. Garbage is collected from households and sorting in Eco Park,” said Ambagan.

“Mendez used to spend around P330,000 a month on waste disposal, now we only spend P165,000 on waste disposal expenses for a month,” Ambagan added.

Mendez MENRO has 18 staffs consisting of dump truck drivers, garbage collectors and sorters also conducting disinfection in their offices, work places and vehicles to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease in the area.