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Momoland’s brother group T1419 makes a splash in K-Pop scene

MLD Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment agency that brought MOMOLAND to the world, has given K-pop fans a new set of idols to “stan” with its newest mega boy group T1419.

The group, which officially debuted in January this year, is composed of five Korean members Sian, Kevin, Gunwoo, On, and its leader Noa, while four of them are Japanese, namely Zero, Kairi, Leo, and Kio.

T1419 immediately made a statement with the music video for their debut single called “ASURABALBALTA,” which combines hiphop, electronic music, and pop to highlight the group’s collective chant to make their wishes come true.

In just three weeks since its launch, the fiery music video for “ASURABALBALTA” has already garnered 18 million views.

“ASURABALBALTA” is part of their debut single album called “Before Sunrise Part. 1,” which also contains the title track’s instrumental version, and another track called “Butt Out.” Aside from this, the Japanese version of “ASURABALBALTA” is already available on online music streaming platforms.

New fans can also get to know the boys better by following their adventures, gams, and behind-the-scenes activities in their group vlogs, two of which have already been released. Its third and fourth episodes, meanwhile, will arrive soon on MLD Entertainment’s and T1419’s official YouTube channels.

Fans can also watch the music video and dance practice videos of T1419’s pre-debut single “Dracula” on the said YouTube channels, as well as other dance practice and performance videos.

Through their music, the boys intend to showcase the experiences and problems that today’s youth go through. According to MLD Entertainment, the “T” in the group’s name stands for “teenager” and the “1419” comes from the fact that the boys were all 14 to 19 years old when they met each other and were formed as a group.

T1419’s sister group MOMOLAND is co-managed by ABS-CBN in the Philippines.

For updates, fans can follow the group at @T1419_official on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to T1419’s official YouTube channel and MLD Entertainment’s YouTube channel for updates.