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More K-dramas set to exhilarate VIU, SKY subscribers

VIU Premium

FAST-paced action and thrilling mysteries await SKY Subscribers as they binge on the upcoming episodes of “Flower of Evil,” “Graceful Friends,” “Missing: The Other Side,” and “Alice” on VIU Premium. Their binge-watching session is made even more pleasurable and guilt-free with SKY Fiber’s First 3-months on us VIU Premium access promo.

First to exhilarate SKY subscribers would be the psychological melodrama “Flower of Evil” starring one of South Korea’s most sought-after leading man, Lee Joon Gi. He reunites with his “Criminal Minds” co-star Moon Chae-Won as she portrays his wife, a detective with sharp instincts yet blinded by her love for her husband. Her world shatters when she discovers that her husband is not who he claims he is. A cat and mouse chase between husband and wife ensue which will surely get viewers’ hearts pumping. They will also be on the edge of their seats as they wonder: is he really a psychopath or not?

Another crime thriller to enthrall viewers would be “Graceful Friends” where friendships and marriages are tested as a group of couples in their 40s gets entangled in a murder case. Viewers will get to witness a clash of motives and personalities that captures suburban intrigue at its finest.

Makati City Pabakuna

For a supernatural take on the crime thriller genre, “Missing: The Other Side” takes viewers to a village that holds spirits of missing and deceased people. Through this mystical place, a con man, a mysterious figure, a low-ranking public officer, and an elite detective will be able to solve disappearance cases.

VIU Premium is available to all SKY Fiber, and SKY Cable postpaid subscribers.