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More than 1,100 families displaced by fire get cash aid from Manila City government

Cash aid from Manila City for families displaced by fire
Mayor Honey Lacuna leads the distribution of financial aid to recent fire victims, joined by (left) Manila social welfare department chief Re Fugoso and Vice Mayor Yul Servo. (JERRY S. TAN)

MANILA Mayor Honey Lacuna led the distribution of financial assistance to over 1,000 families who were displaced by recent fires in the city.

Joined by Vice Mayor Yul Servo and Manila department of social welfare chief Re Fugoso, the mayor gave monetary aid of P10,000 for each of the displaced families.

Fugoso said the recipients, numbering 1,190 in all, were displaced by a total of 18 fire incidents that hit various barangays in all of the city’s six districts. The most number of families left homeless, numbering 676 in total, were from Barangay 20 of District 1 and this was due to a fire that hit the area on April 10.

The mayor said that while the amount of cash aid may be minimal, it is the city government‘s way of showing that it is there for the affected residents to help them start anew.

Lacuna also called on the recipients to be extra careful, noting how the fire victims in Parola were hit twice in the same area, just as they were just beginning to rebuild their lives.

The mayor also reiterated her earlier pronouncements that in case of fire, the residents should prioritize lives instead of properties.

She thus called on the residents to immediately report the fire to proper authorities so that assistance can come at the soonest time possible, instead of prioritizing taking pictures for puposes of posting on social media.

“During fire and times of other emergencies, every second counts. Kaya ‘wag po nating aksayahin sa pagkuha ng mga litrato at video para lang mai-post sa social media,” she stressed.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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