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What’s New on Netflix in November 2023

All businesses, including gambling sites like Slotoro Casino, must offer something new every month. Netflix and other streaming services do this to ensure that their subscribers have a reason to stay on the platform.

As far as movies go, let us look at what is new on Netflix this November 2023. Get ready with your popcorn and pop them once these shows have been deployed.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – November 17

This is an animated series based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel. It is not the first film for the graphic novel, as one has been made back in 2010.

The original, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, is about a young man who must win a woman by defeating her ex-boyfriend. It was a romantic comedy, and it was a massive success.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off brings back several actors together like the lead for the titular role, Michael Cera, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers. The series only has eight episodes.

Squid Game: The Challenge

The Squid Game series was a phenomenal success that gave birth to a lot of memes. Although it never got a sequel, Netflix is releasing a real show involving real human beings — the show is based on the premise of the series.

The Challenge is a competition but without the choice between life and death. There is still an elimination, and the winner will get $4.56 million—by far, this is the biggest cash prize that Netflix ever gave in its reality shows.

The game will take after the premise of the series where the players would have to make alliances, betray their friends, and create strategies that will take them for the win.

The Squid Game: The Challenge is certainly going to be a hit. The TV series has a total of 1.65 billion hours of viewership within 28 days. One can just imagine the magnitude of views that game would bring. Hopefully, the contestants are as interesting as the characters in the TV series.

Godzilla Franchise

Two modern Godzilla movies from Legendary Films are coming back to Netflix this November. These are Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Godzilla vs. Kong (2021).

As many fans know, both of these series are part of the MonsterVerse that Legendary Films created to catch up with the universe-type movies that Marvel jumpstarted.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a narrative that continues the story of its predecessor, this time taking on other titans to prove that he is indeed the king of this planet. In this movie, fans will see not only Godzilla but other powerful beings such as Mothra and Rodan.

Here is a quick synopsis of both movies:

  • King of the Monsters – a few scientists awakened dangerous monsters thinking that they could restore balance to the world. Little did they know that these monsters were out to wipe out humanity, and only Godzilla could save the world.
  • Godzilla vs. Kong – Godzilla squares off with King Kong. Kong is now in his teenage years, and both of them part ways, splitting Earth into kingdoms that each other respects. This movie is the precedent for future movies where fans of kaiju and monsters could expect more giants to roam this planet.

What makes Godzilla an interesting character is that he is sometimes in conflict with humans. However, Godzilla is also the unexpected protector of our planet. It is apparent that it is his duty to restore balance on earth.

Insidious: The Red Door

Coming back to this film franchise are Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne in their respective roles. The fifth installment in this horror universe or Insidious franchise, the movie was released in July, but critics did not like it.

Fans, however, will feast on it as the story continues from where it left off. Here, the main character, Dalton, attempts to enter The Further again by drawing a red door.

Before you watch, it is important that you rewatch the first two sequels, or you may not remember what the story is about. Many fans said that they were lost when they watched this third film in the insidious series without having a recollection of the main storyline.

Supposedly, the Red Door is the final movie in the franchise, but no one would really know. Although it did not get a lot of positive reviews from critics and fans, the movie made a lot of money and is the highest-grossing horror film in 2023. It earned a global revenue of $182.5 million.

The Spooky season is over once November comes, so expect some horror movies to go away. The good news is that Netflix is making some changes to its programming. This November, we can expect to see more Netflix originals. If anything, the one thing that can get people excited is that the Squid Game is now going to be a real game show.

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