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MRT privatization means higher fares – commuters

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Commuter group The Passenger Forum today warned that the recently announced plan of the national government to privatize MRT 3 will lead to fare hikes without necessarily improving mass transport services.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “Filipinos have a lot of experiences on privatization and it always tends to work against ordinary folks’ interests. Once the government sells MRT to the private sector, we are sure it will make fares higher while commuters continue to experience subpar services.”

Morillo also questioned that while the government announcement made public that the MRT 3 is losing money, the Department of Transportation failed to cite the reasons for the train system’s financial woes.

“They should inform commuters why they are losing money. If they are suffering from financial hemorrhage now, why would any private company, in their right mind, buy MRT 3? Unless, they are looking at increasing fares, or the government will sell MRT 3 assets at an ultra-bargain price, or, worst case scenario for passengers, a combination of the two. The government wants to serve MRT 3 on a silver platter while commuters suffer,” Morillo said.

TPF vowed to monitor updates regarding the planned privatization of the MRT 3 to protect the rights and welfare of Filipino commuters.

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