KartRider Rush

This highly anticipated content update delivers new tracks, Karts and characters, plus an all-new custom track creator

SEOUL – KartRider Rush+, the popular mobile racing game from Nexon, transports players to Asgard in massive content update “Norse,” now available for download. With the arrival of the game’s tenth Season, players can experience dazzling new characters, Karts and racing tracks based on iconic figures in Norse mythology, plus the all-new Track Customization mode, updates to the Factory and more.

Starting today, players can enjoy an all-new scenario, recounting the Norse fable of the Two Brothers within the KartRider Rush+ universe. As part of this story event, the characters War Master, Thunder Bringer and others will be available. “Norse” also introduces stunning new tracks God’s Realm and Luminous Bridge, where players can bask in the magnificence of ancient gods as they race their way to glory.

Several new Karts are available, as well, such as Starship Solid, a Legendary-grade kart with overwhelming speed, and Lightning Chariot, a Legendary chariot designed after debut character Thunder Bringer. Other newly launching Epic and Legendary Karts include the all-new Thunder Lancer, Fenrir Rover and more Norse myth-inspired Karts.

The update also brings the exciting new Track Customization mode, which enables players to get creative and construct their own unique KartRider Rush+ racing tracks.

Additionally, players can ramp up their karts with four new extra parts available in the Factory. Other Factory updates include:

  • Dashboard Skin updates
  • Automatic parts withdrawal when time-limited Karts are expired
  • License-free Time Trial

In celebration of the new Season, players who collect enough shards and complete a series of special missions will receive the exclusive item Thunder Bringer Code. Additionally, any players who log in and play multiplayer races through Tuesday, Nov. 16 will receive Season Pass points.

A separate shard-collecting event will run from Wednesday, Nov. 24 through Saturday, Jan. 9, 2022, affording players the opportunity to obtain special items including the Light Piercer (Permanent) and Revolutionary (Permanent). Players can collect shards by playing multiplayer races and using the new Track Customization feature.

For a taste of the action to come, fans can check out the “Norse” trailers below:

Players can also keep up with the latest KartRider Rush+ updates through the official Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/KartRiderRushPlus/

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