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Napolcom to recruit more patrol execs

THE National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) approved the recruitment of 16,149 patrolmen and patrolwomen to offset the depleted strength of the Philippine National Police (PNP) due to reorganization of the staffing pattern, creation of new offices/units, and vacancies caused by attrition and similar means in order to consequently improve peace and order and police-to-population ratio.

NAPOLCOM Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer Atty. Rogelio T. Casurao said the Commission en banc, headed by DILG Secretary and NAPOLCOM Chairman Eduardo M. Año, issued Resolution No. 2020-0665, dated August 25, 2020, approving the CY 2020 Regular and Attrition Recruitment Program of the PNP.

“The NAPOLCOM Resolution authorizes PNP Chief PGEN Archie Francisco F. Gamboa to recruit 10,000 new police officers for the regular recruitment quota and 6,149 new cops for the attrition recruitment quota,” Atty. Casurao said.

Out of the 10,000 regular recruitment quota, 8,425 will be distributed to the PNP Mobile Forces of all Police Regional Offices (PROs) including the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) while the remaining 1,575 shall be allotted to selected National Support Units (NSUs) and other Offices.

On the other hand, the attrition recruitment quota of 6,149 shall be distributed based on the Recapitulation on PNP Attrited Personnel for the period January to December 2019.

The 10,000 regular quota is distributed per region and unit, as follows: PRO1- 800; PRO2-200; PRO3- 325; PRO4A- 550; PRO4B- 300; PRO5- 575; PRO6- 700; PRO7- 700; PRO8-450; PRO9- 250; PRO10- 450; PRO11- 525; PRO12- 600; PRO13- 550; PRO COR- 600; PRO BAR- 400; NCRPO- 450; Special Action Force (SAF)- 300; Aviation Security Group (AVSEGROUP)- 200; Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG)- 50; Explosive Ordnance Disposal /K9- 50; Maritime Group (MG)- 200; Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG)- 50; Intelligence Group (IG)- 150; Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)- 50; Legal Service (LS)- 50; Logistics Support Service (LSS)- 50; Highway Patrol Group (HPG)- 100; Police Community Affairs and Development Group (PCADG)- 75; Health Service (HS)- 150; PNP Retirement and Benefits Administration Service (PRBS)- 50; and, PNP Training Service (PNPTS)- 50.

The 6,149 attrition quota is distributed per region and unit, as follows: PRO1- 338; PRO2-248; PRO3- 378; PRO4A- 402; PRO4B- 172; PRO5- 163; PRO6- 268; PRO7- 291; PRO8-270; PRO9- 166; PRO10- 259; PRO11- 182; PRO12- 181; PRO13- 190; PRO COR- 198; PRO BAR- 401; NCRPO- 912; SAF- 363; AVSEGROUP- 100; AKG- 50; EOD/K9- 75; MG- 100; ACG- 50; IG- 50; CIDG- 100; HPG- 85; HS- 57; and, HSS- 100.

Vice-Chairman Casurao said that Chiefs of PNP Offices/Units and members of the Screening and Selection Committee, including the head and members of the Secretariat, are required to strictly follow the existing rules and regulations on the recruitment, selection and appointment of PNP uniformed personnel, as well as the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) Omnibus Guidelines in the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines and other related directives, otherwise, they would be subjected to administrative sanctions.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight
Jun I. Legaspi
Reporter, People's Tonight