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Navotas allows food firms to operate beyond curfew

NAVOTAS has established new policies for commercial food establishments and the use of the home quarantine pass.

Navotas has allowed the delivery, take-out and drive-thru services of restaurants, eateries, coffee and tea shops, bakeries, and other similar establishments beyond the 8 p.m. –5 a.m. citywide curfew.

The city government now also requires markets, grocery stores, and convenience stores to check for home quarantine passes from their customers.

Executive Order No. 044 allows food establishments to operate beyond curfew hours to provide delivery services in and out of the city, and take-out and drive-thru services only for authorized persons outside of residence (APOR).

The EO has also covered food establishments located inside grocery stores and supermarkets that offer delivery services.

However, dine-in beyond curfew is strictly prohibited. Non-APORs are also banned from buying food via take-out and drive-thru from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Makati City Pabakuna

“There is still demand for food services during curfew hours from those who work at night. These include doctors, nurses, other health personnel, ambulance drivers, call center agents, security guards and workers at Navotas Fish Port Complex,” Mayor Toby Tiangco said.

Food establishments need to strictly implement social distancing and other safety protocols, as well as conduct thorough and regular sanitation and disinfection during operation.

Executive Order No. 043 states that markets, groceries, and convenience stores should require customers to present their home quarantine pass upon entry.

The pass limits the authorized days within which residents of each barangay are allowed to buy essentials at the said establishments.

“People are not always mindful of keeping their distance while inside markets, groceries, or convenience stores. This EO will help prevent overcrowding and ensure social distancing in such places,” Tiangco said.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight