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NBA Draft 2020: 5 Players to be the first overall pick

NBA Draft 2020

THE NBA draft always brings the fans a lot of expectations. Anxiety is in the air and it’s imperative to make the right choice.

And this feeling may be even worse in 2020, as there are lots of youngsters who have shown great talent. Therefore, surprises and exchanges may happen in the first choices.

The lack of a unanimous athlete for the number 1 pick shows that this draft is really balanced and full of good names in all positions.

On October 16, the date on which the draft will be held, we will finally know who is going to be the number one pick. After the lottery draw, the order of the first five choices was the following:

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves
  2. Golden State Warriors
  3. Charlotte Hornets
  4. Chicago Bulls
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Following some years of recent misery, the Timberwolves will have the great chance to count on the most promising basketball player of the year.

Also, a very common question is whether we will get to witness the new LeBron James, or the new Kobe, who knows…

NBA Draft 2020

Well, amongst these options, in this article, we will highlight five of the best talents that will show up in this draft and have good chances of being the first choice:

1 – Anthony Edwards (SG) – Georgia Bulldogs
Anthony Edwards is one of the strongest candidates to be the first choice. The athlete has an enviable physical potential. At just 18 years old, 1.96 m and 102 kg, the young man has impressed by his athletic ability and aggressiveness towards the basket.

Specialized in medium range shots and infiltrations, Edwards has a lot of development potential.

His physical characteristics make him an excellent defender and, with a strong job in the perimeter shots, he can become a very difficult player to mark.

2 – Lamelo Ball (PG) – Illawarra Hawks (Australia)
With a last name already known in the NBA, Lamelo Ball is set to be amongst the top 10 picked players this year. The younger brother of the former LA Lakers player, Lonzo Ball, may not have as much expectation around his name as his brother, but he still may show up as a surprise.

Lamelo has got what it takes to be an elite basketball player and the team that he gets drafted to will be really important.

He will probably need to work harder on his defending, especially on getting more rebounds, and also his throwing mechanics, which are not the best. However, he is still one of the first choice candidates this year.

3 – James Wiseman (C) – Memphis Tigers
Probably the best pivot in the list and another one with great chances of being the first choice. Wiseman has an interesting speed and explosion for someone of his height – 2.16 m.

He stands out for his offensive potential and aggression in the rebounds. However, he needs to improve both his footwork to create good shot chances and, especially, the aim for medium and long distance shots.

4 – Deni Avdija (SF) – Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)
Some may think that he is not a candidate for the first choice, but it would not be a surprise if he became the highest choice.

Avdija has got above average intelligence, despite his young age, both in attack and defense. The young Israeli is far from the stereotype of Europeans who “run away” from contact, on the contrary, he knows how to use it in an intelligent way, always in his favor.

He is good at creating spaces to reach the lane and very efficient at the free throw line, but he needs to work the long range shots.

In defense, he shows an impressive IQ, being good in the paint and perimeter marking, in addition to the impressive average of 2.1 steals per game and 2.4 blocks. For sure, whoever chooses Avdija will have an athlete cooperating a lot in the two sides of the game.

5 – Obi Toppin (PF) – Dayton Flyers
The 2.06 m pivot is also not a great candidate for the number 1 pick according to many people, but he has great quality and may be a surprise.

Toppin has an enviable speed and mobility. He is also very powerful and proficient in pick and roll.

Toppin is a constant threat to defenses, mainly because he improved his perimeter shots. Apart from that, he is very active in the densive part, which makes him able to contribute in all sectors of the court.

The only thing he will need to work on is his decisions when having the ball in his hand, which is normal on young players.

NBA Draft 2020

Amongst the five aforementioned players, who do you think that will thrive in the NBA? Will we have a flop number one pick? Will we witness the new big thing in Basketball?

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