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NBI monitoring entry of fake COVID vaccines

THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is closely monitoring the possible entry into the country of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines from China.

The investigation being conducted by the NBI on the alleged entry and distribution of unregistered COVID-19 vaccines in the Philippines, the possible existence of fake vaccines among those being sold underground is included,” said Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Thursday.

The NBI is currently investigating the alleged unauthorized vaccination of President Rodrigo Duterte’s security details with unregistered COVID-19 vaccine.

This even as Duterte told the Presidential Security Group (PSG) personnel who received the anti-coronavirus shot Sinopharm to ignore congressional summons.

Last January 4, Duterte said he would order PSG to either not attend any congressional hearing on the controversy or stay mum during such a hearing.

Do not tinker with the PSG. Do not force my hand to meddle into this affair. Maybe I am not so keen on allowing Durante (PSG chief Brigadier General Jesus Durante III) and the rest of the PSG to testify,” he said.

PSG chief Jesus Durante admitted that the PSG “vaccinated themselves” as early as September.

No COVID-19 vaccine has passed the Food and Drug Administration as of date.

Neither the Department of Health nor the FDA was consulted over the vaccination of Duterte’s security detail and some Cabinet members.

Customs officials suspect the vaccines passed through the airport because it requires cold storage.