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Nebrija apologizes to Bong – Apology not accepted

Bong Nebrija

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special Operations Unit Head Col. Bong Nebrija apologized to Senator Bong Revilla following his report that the senator’s convoy violated the EDSA bus lane rules.

In saying ‘sorry,’ Nebrija admitted that he did not personally see Revilla inside the vehicle which was reported to him as having used the EDSA busway that is exclusive for public utility buses (PUVs), ambulances and marked government vehicles responding to emergencies.

Nebrija claimed he had no intention of smearing the reputation of Revilla and that his judgment to let the convoy pass was merely based on the information given to him by a traffic enforcer from the MMDA.

“Sorry, senator, that was not our intention,” he told a forum where he also narrated that they stopped a convoy of vehicles in the busway in the area of Mandaluyong City and that when he asked the traffic enforcer, the latter stated that Revilla was in the convoy.

When he asked the enforcer if Revilla was in the said convoy, the enforcer said ‘yes’ so that the convoy was allowed to pass through as a matter of courtesy.

Nebrija said that he and the enforcer even joked to each other that they should have taken a ‘selfie’ with the senator, who also happens to be an actor.

When the news reached Revilla, he vehemently denied it, saying the report was ‘malicious’ since his daily route is from south to the Senate only.

Revilla also said there was no possibility that he would traverse the EDSA route in Mandaluyong City since when he attends official functions in the north, he would always use the Skyway.

The senator also said he is not accepting the apology of Nebrija, adding he even plans to summon him to the Senate including the traffic enforcer he (Nebrija) had been citing, so they could explain the matter.

“Hindi ko ina-accept [ang paumanhin ni Nebrija]… I want to see that enforcer and Nebrija in the Senate…Unfair yan, kabastusan yan. Kung talagang nagkasala kami, ticketan mo kami, ipakulong mo kami pero kung sisiraan mo kami, mali na ata ‘yan. Mag-resign ka na. Hindi pwede ang sorry, sorry,” Revilla said.

Nebrija said he is ready to go to the Senate and tasked the traffic enforcer involved to make a spot report on the incident.

The Senator also announced plans to recall the approved 2024 budget of the MMDA.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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