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Need for blood donors

Donate Blood

WELL-meaning Filipinos would do well to heed the call of Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon, chair of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), for more blood donors amid the rising number of people needing blood transfusion.

In fact, the PRC, which is the premier humanitarian organization and the leading provider of blood in this impoverished Asian nation, is expecting a surge in demand for blood supply during the holiday season.

In appealing for more blood donors, Senator Gordon, a lawyer and one of the youngest members of the 1971 Constitutional Convention, stresses that “ang pangangailangan ng dugo ay hindi tumitigil.

We know that blood will be a top concern in this (Christmas) season. PRC will be open to help,” he said, adding “we all know that this season is the leanest month and our donation drives will surely slow down.

Committed to provide quality life-saving services that protect the life and dignity of indigent Filipinos across the country, the PRC continuously promotes non-remunerated blood donations to attain adequacy.

Makati City Pabakuna

To meet the mushrooming demand for blood and augment the national blood requirement, the PRC conducts education and recruitment sessions to encourage regular voluntary blood donations.

Throughout the year, the humanitarian organization, with thousands of volunteers, 103 chapters and 98 blood centers in various parts of the country, help distressed and needy Filipinos.

During destructive floods, typhoons, fires, armed conflicts and other national emergencies, Red Cross volunteers work 24 hours a day, administering to the many needs of victims.

Thus, the PRC deserves the all-out support of all sectors of Philippine society, including government officials and employees.

And certainly, inviting prominent politicians, celebrities and sporting heroes to participate in the PRC’s year-round blood donation campaign is a move in the right direction.