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Netizens cry with Bianca as ‘Sahaya’ nears end

Bianca Umali

BIANCA Umali as Sahaya was unconsolable when Zoren Legaspi as Harold died in a recent episode of “Sahaya”. It was only recently that she learned the truth on who her father really is and they had only known each other for a short period before the henchmen of Anna Roces as Irene, Harold’s legal wife, shot him to death. Many viewers of the show cried with Sahaya and expressed their sympathy on the internet.

What will happen now to Sahaya and to her mother, Mylene Dizon as Manisan? “Sahaya” will end in two weeks so don’t miss the next few episodes as it will be very exciting. Regular viewers of the show expect that there will be retribution on the parts of the show’s vicious villains, notably Anna Roces as Irene, Snooky Serna as Salida and Eric Quizon as Hubert who oppressed the Badjaw tribe to whom Sahaya belongs.

“Sahaya” will be replaced by an action-drama series entitled “Beautiful Justice”, with a cast headed by three female stars: Yasmien Kurdi, Bea Binene and Gabbi Garcia. They play three courageous women who will be fighting for justice due to the the untimely death of their loved ones. They will be supported by Derrick Monasterio, Gil Cuerva, Victor Neri, Valeen Montenegro and Bing Loyzaga.

Recently some cast members who will play law enforcers in the show paid a courtesy call to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Public Information Office of Director Arnold Carreon. This is part of their immersion preparation for their roles in this new primetime show that will have them do a lot of action sequences in their job as anti-drug operatives.