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New episodes on ‘Bubble Gang’

‘BUBBLE Gang,’ the longest running gag show in the Philippines aired on GMA7 every Friday night, is now offering new episodes with special guests Ashley Rivera and Rere Madrid this week.

Here are the segments that are hard to miss:

Masama ang Tingin, a series of gags about arguments in a bus about impolite stares, 4D APP, a sketch about a video call 4D app which gets a womanizing husband in trouble, What is the Meaning, a segment about different words with hilarious new meanings, Imaginary Enemy, a sketch about a mental patient with an imaginary enemy that gives him real bruises, Oh My Gulay, a sketch about a guy who pranks a wife about her husband being in a car accident, Text Problems, where a couple’s texting miscommunication leads them to a near-LQ, Spelling Q, a game show parody featuring dumb contestants who cannot spell abbreviated names of different institutions, Akyat Bahay, a sketch about two guys who plans and robs a rich man’s house and Psychic Plant, a sketch about a talk show interview featuring a plant who can tell the future.

Bubble Gang is led by Michael V, with Boy2 Quizon, Archie Alemania, Sef Cadayona, Betong Sumaya, Valeen Montenegro, Kim Domingo, Faye Lorenzo, and a lot more, under the direction of Bert de Leon.