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New students Kayoko and Haruka make fashionable debuts in Mobile RPG Blue Archive

Kayoko and Haruka


  • New Gehenna Academy students Kayoko (New Year) and Haruka (New Year) make their debut
  • The epic conclusion to Chapter Four of Blue Archive’s main story, “Phrenapates Showdown,” will be released on Oct. 3
  • Players can gear up for a celebratory livestream for Blue Archive’s Two Year Anniversary, which will expands the world of the RPG game

SEOUL – Sept. 28, 2023 – Armed with a knack for pixelated mayhem, new students Kayoko (New Year) and Haruka (New Year) have arrived in style to popular mobile RPG Blue Archive for a re-run of the beloved New Years’ Rhapsody No. 68 event.

From NEXON Korea Corp., Blue Archive has players step into the shoes of Sensei, an advisor for the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, shortly after the disastrous disappearance of the General Student Council president. As anarchy takes over, it’s up to Sensei to mobilize the eccentric students of the academy city of Kivotos and take matters into their own hands. Defined by its dynamic, strategic combat, and charismatic cast of characters, Blue Archive offers players a blend of tactical planning and real-time action with a light-hearted, emotional center.

Decked out in a sleek kimono, Kayoko is a deadly force on the battlefield. A Mystic-type Striker from Gehana Academy, her EX Skill grants an amulet to one ally, excluding herself, for 40 seconds. Continuing the kimono trend, Haruka (New Year) is the perfect pairing with Kayoko. An Explosive-type Striker from the same academy, Haruka wields a shotgun and a strong sense of determination, despite her low self-esteem. Her EX Skill deals powerful damage proportional to her ATK to enemies in a fan-shaped area.

The two powerful new students also bring a wealth of new features including:

  • New Update Content – With the 22nd chapter comes exciting new missions and six unique T8 gear types that allow for a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Quality of Life Improvements – Nexon is implementing several improvements for better user experiences, including a feature that saves inventory space and automatically creates high-quality items for players by combining eligible items together when close to max capacity. Additionally, Bounty and Scrimmage Tickets are now unified into a single Ticket type after originally being separated by stage.

Adding to the excitement, players can now enjoy the “Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion” event without any limits on playtime. Meanwhile, Nexon has a series of exciting events and fresh new content in the pipeline, including the thrilling Epilogue of the Main Story’s Final Episode Chapter 4, “Phrenapates Showdown,” set to debut on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Blue Archive’s anniversary is also approaching and to celebrate two years of global service, Nexon is hosting a special live stream with an on-site audience on Saturday, Oct. 28. Users’ personal stories will be collected through the official community and website to take center stage at the live event.

For more information about Blue Archive, players can visit the official Blue Archive communities.

  • Blue Archive Official Webpage: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Forum: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Discord: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Twitter: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Facebook: [LINK]

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