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Newly-elected PFP officers ask for support from national officers

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas

THE set of officers elected during the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) national assembly on December 14, 2023, has asked the hierarchy for support and appreciation, following a Constitutional crisis and leadership vacuum.

In a Jan. 10 letter of new national President and Chairman for Federalism and Direct Democracy, former Catanduanes Governor Leandro B. Verceles Jr., told Antonio F. Lagdameo Jr., special assistant to Pres. Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and the national executive vice president of PFP, that all provisions of the party Constitution and By-laws (CBL) and the Revised Corporation Code were followed after the term of office of former officers expired on Sept. 18, 2023.

The expiration of term resulted in leadership vacuum and Constitutional crisis, thus reorganization and election of new officers took place.

Verceles is also the political Campaign Manager/National Chairman for Political Campaign Management.

“With unwavering loyalty to President BBM and the amended party CBL, we remain committed to ensuring the integrity, effectiveness and transparency of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas,” Verceles stated in his letter to Lagdameo.

Marcos is the party national chairman while Verceles is the national president.

In a separate January 9 letter of Verceles, former Mayor Antono C. Rodriguez, now PFP national secretary-general and national treasurer, Engr. Antonio C. Marfori, they said the Constitutional crisis stemmed with the alleged refusal to leave their positions as former national president, ex-secretary general and former general counsel of Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr.,Thompson C. Lantion and Atty. George S. Briones, respectively.

“Had Tamayo, Lantion and Briones followed the party Constitution and By-Laws, by conducting an election for party national officers before Sept. 18, 2023, and potentially reelected themselves, the constitutional crisis could have been averted,” the trio told Pres. Marcos.

Further the three were accused of concealing the CBL guidelines on the two-year term. Due to the crisis, the former regional chairmen and officers, provincial, city, municipal and barangay officers also lost their standing authority a year before Nov. 11, 2022.

To address the constitutional crisis resulting from the alleged gross negligence of the three party national officers, the party Regional party members, utilizing the residual authority of continuous party membership granted by the party CBL, organized themselves by electing new regional chairmen and officers.

The restored standing authority enabled them to convene a National Directorate meeting promptly followed by the National Assembly on December 14, 2023, both meetings were with a quorum.

Other PFP national officers are Cong. Ferdinand Alexander A. Marcos III, national executive committee chairman; Mayor Antonio C. Rodriguez, National Secretary-General; Engr. Antonio G. Marfori, National Treasurer; Atty. Rudyard A. Avilla III. Counsel; Assam M. Ullangkaya, National Auditor; Gabriel A. Sotto, Vice -President for Luzon; Lorenzo G. Sagucio Jr.,A Vice -President for Visayas; Ulangkaya, Vice -President for Mindanao; Manuel D. Andal, Vice -President for Political Affairs; Julius Caesar O. Aguiluz, Senior Political Adviser.

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