More Craft Beer Fests to come at Greenfield District & Greenfield City!

November 27, 2019
Craft Beer

Craft beer culture is on the rise. More and more enthusiasts are on the lookout for the freshest, newest local brews to discover which ones offer the most creativity, intricacy and depth.

Feisty homegrown concoctions from different regions have been bubbling up in conversations, flavors from Sagada, to Bicol, and Baler to name a few. Now, Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC) has brought them all together in one grand event—its first ever Craft Beer Fest.

Cragt Beer Events

Considered to be the biggest gathering of artisanal craft beer brewers in the country, GDC’s Craft Beer Fest, in partnership with Philippine Craft Beer Community (PCBC), was held last October 11 to 12 at Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City and featured 175 varieties from 35 breweries.

Around 5,000 attendees joined the two-day festival and got to personally sample assorted flavor profiles paired with their favorite sizzling beer-match appetizers.

Among the breweries were Cerveza Sagada, Amigos de la Plaza, Boondocks Brewing Co, PCK, Brewlab 2021, and more.

Craft Beer Event

If you didn’t get to come to GDC’s Craft Beer Fest, don’t worry. More Craft Beer Fests are soon to come now that it’s set to become an annual event to be held at both Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City and Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

“Like everyone of us has a different personality, each craft beer does too. That’s why we’re giving enthusiasts the opportunity to discover new flavors while also supporting local breweries by providing a platform for them to showcase their products.” said Atty. Duane A.X. Santos, Greenfield Development Corporation Executive Vice-President and General Manager.

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