2 X-rays to boost MICP ops

December 05, 2019

RELEASE of goods at one of the country’s busiest ports, the Manila International Container Port (MICP), is expected to become faster with the installation yesterday of two ‘portal-type’ (fixed) X-Ray machines.

Comm. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, in a statement, said, the new machines further increased the port’s inspection capacity to 7,680 containers per day, as each machine can “scan” an average of 160 containers per hour.

Although already equipped with 7 ‘mobile’ X-Ray machines, these can only scan 25 containers per hour or just 600 containers per day, the customs chief pointed out.

“With about three thousand shipments passing through the Manila International Container Port every day, the increased inspection capability will ensure a balance between trade facilitation and stringent border protection,” Guerrero added.

The new machines’ portal design allows container trucks to move through the x-ray machine as opposed to the mobile x-ray design where the machine has to move along the length of a container.