2K Angkas riders hold protest in Mendiola

December 27, 2019

ABOUT 2,000 Angkas riders held a ‘joyride protest’ in Mendiola, Manila yesterday to demand a stop to the 10,000 cap and assail the three-month extension given to them by the government, saying it is too short.

Said riders called on the national government to retain the some 30,000 Angkas riders.

The Land Transportation Franchising and  Regulatory Board (LTFRB) earlier said it will allow the entry into the market of riders from multiple ride-hailing firms like  Joy Ride and Move It.

The LTFRB said it is better to have a competition to see which one offers the cheapest mode of transportation and which is safest and has the best quality of service.

Angkas had assailed the LTFRB for allotting only 10,000 riders while the LTFRB accused Angkas of emotional blackmail and of trying to manipulate  motorcycle taxi services.

It was learned that Joy Ride and Move It were also given an allotment of 10,000 riders each during the extension of their pilot run that began on December 23, 2019 and which will end on March 23.