3 pro10 cops COVID-19 positive

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno with social welfare chief Re Fugoso before the quarantine. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

THREE newly-assigned  members of the Police Regional Office 10 in Northern Mindanao have contracted COVID-19 and are now undergoing a mandatory 14-day quarantine under the supervision of police doctors, PRO10 director, Brigadier General Rolando B. Anduyan said yesterday.

The official said the three policemen with the rank of Lieutenants arrived in PRO10 from Luzon last month and tested positive for the virus when they were subjected to a swab test which is a protocol for newly-assigned policemen in the region. All were described as ‘asymptomatic.’

The 1st is a 46-year-old officer who tested positive for the virus last June 28 and since then has been transferred to the City Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility in Cagayan de Oro City. The policeman arrived in the  city via an airline.

The two others, both males and with age 38 and 43 were confined in another isolation facility in the city after they tested positive for COVID-19 last July 1. Both have been transferred to the same Cagayan de Oro isolation facility.

Anduyan said three other policemen and a civilian personnel who had close contact with the three were also sent to the same quarantine facility while the rest of the newly-assigned policemen in the region were told to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

The official assured that all three COVID-19-positive police officer are now in isolation and assured the local residents and the police they have nothing to worry about the problem of transmission since all three and the persons they had close contact with are now under isolation.

“We are sad that we have three positive of COVID-19 in our personnel but the good thing is that they were under isolation, that is why there is nothing to worry about. We will continue to implement our proactive measures to ensure the safety of our personnel from COVID-19 as much as we can,” Anduyan said.

The Northern Mindanao police director also assured the public that the situation in the region is under control due to strict health protocols and implementation of all safety measures including the wearing of face masks, social distancing and curfew hours in the region.