AX falls on minti, pasay HPG top cops

September 21, 2019

Highway Patrol Group chief discovers vehicle clearance racket.

PHILIPPINE National Police Highway Patrol Group director Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz yesterday has ordered the administrative relief and investigation of seven officers and men of the Pasay and Muntinlupa HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Stations (MVCS) for issuing fake HPG vehicle clearances for a fee.

“I have relieved all police commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers assigned to the Pasay and Muntinlupa Motor Vehicle Clearance Stations after I myself discovered that they have been issuing fake, falsified HPG Motor Vehicle Clearances,” the official told the Journal Group.

The HPG officers and men led by  Major Jojit Jumawan of the Muntinlupa City HPG MVCS and Major Manuel Bayaona of the Pasay City MVCS were assigned to the HPG National Capital Region Traffic Enforcement Unit to conduct traffic duties on EDSA pending the hearing of the criminal and administrative charges against them, said the PNP-HPG director.

Cruz said he discovered the “photoshopped” pictures presented by the Pasay and Muntinlupa HPG-MVCS during their weekly validation of issued HPG clearances.

“They presented fake, falsified and photoshopped pictures of motor vehicles given HPG clearances to make us believe that the vehicles in their photos really appeared in their offices while in fact, they were involved in the highly-irregular ‘non-appearance’ practice,” the official said.

According to Cruz, one of the ‘photoshopped’ pictures presented by the chief of the Muntinlupa MVCS during his powerpoint presentation showed the badge of the HPG inspector on the right upper part of his uniform although it should be on the left part.  “It clearly showed that the picture was just photoshopped, nilagay lang dun at baliktad pa,” he said.

On the other hand, one of the photos displayed by the head of the Pasay City MVCS clearly showed the face of an HPG inspector superimposed at the front of a bus he was supposedly inspecting.

“What is very clear here is that the pictures of the HPG inspectors assigned in the two HPG motor vehicle clearance stations were just placed intentionally beside the photos of vehicles by their HPG encoders to make it appear that the photos of the vehicles and HPG inspectors were taken in one place and at the same time they were making the inspection although in reality, they were not,” Cruz said.

The PNP-HPG director said they are still investigating how much is paid by motor vehicle owners for the “non-appearance” privilege.