CAAP commends 2 airport cleaners

September 20, 2019

TWO airport cleaners were commended by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philipppines (CAAP) for showing honesty in line of duty.

Lourdes Malou Montalban and Christopher Horcasitas, airport facility cleaners at the Bohol-Panglao International Airport (BPIA), were recently recognized for returning items left by passengers at the airport.

CAAP spokesman Eric Apolonio said that last June 9, 2019, Montalban returned a smartphone left by a passenger at the airport’s comfort room.

‘For her admirable act of honesty and integrity by returning the lost item instead of keeping it for herself, Montalban was given recognition by the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) Tagbilaran Chapter. The uncle of the lost items’ owner is a member of the BCBP,’ Apolonio said.

Hearing about Montalban’s good deed, another BCBP member and Bread’s Edge Corporation President and CEO Dr. Ed Escalona awarded the BPIA employee with a Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation.

Meanwhile, last September 12, 2019, Apolonio said that Horcasitas found a lost sling bag containing three wallets with cash amounting to P48,940, several foreign currencies, government-issued ID cards, and bundles of keys. The item was accidentally left by owner Marco Fernando Ng at the BPIA’s comfort room.

On the same day, the items were successfully returned to Ng through his authorized representative and the turnover was witnessed by the CAAP Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Airport Terminal Supervisor and a representative from the transport service sector who accompanied the claimant.