China assures support for Isko’s programs

September 13, 2019
Isko Moreno & Zhao Jinhua
Mayor Isko MOreno (left) explains his plans for Manila to Chinese Amb. Zhao Jinhua. Also in photo are (far left of Moreno) Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang (beside Jinhua). Photo by Jerry S. Tan

CHINESE Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jinhua has assured Mayor Isko Moreno of full support for all his programs even as he urged the mayor to renew all sister-city ties with Manila’s counterparts in China.

Jinhua, who described Moreno as ‘young, energetic and handsome,’ also noted that the mayor enjoys a very good  and cordial relationship with President Rodrigo Duterte, who gave kind words for him (Moreno).

‘President Duterte gave you very good comments on the things you are doing,’ he told Moreno, who replied, thus: ‘I’m so humbled.’

The ambassador was accompanied by representatives from various Chinese-Filipino organizations while Moreno was joined in Jinhua’s courtesy call by Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang, whom Jinhua described as an ‘old friend of the embassy for advancing friendship and cooperation  between Manila and China.

Jinhua added that Ang  ‘had been very efficient in handling lots of different problems and is very popular with members of the Chinese community.’

The group handed over monetary contribution which Moreno said will be used to fund a major project that is currently in the works and whose details he said he will be discussing later.

Moreno took pride in telling Jinhua that Manila hosts the oldest and biggest Chinatown in the world and Jinhua acknowledged this fact as a ‘profound, solid foundation for the development of friendship and cooperation’.

Moreno also told Jinhua that he will work on waking up the ‘sleeping dragon’ that is Manila, which,  ‘through recent time,  inefficiency and politics,  hibernated while our neighboring cities were developing,’ adding that ‘it’s high time to focus on putting things in the right persperctive and go back to the basics of governance to set up policies and certainty.

Expecting a more vibrant relationship with Manila, Jinhua said that the embassy will ‘do its best to further deepen our friendship, so we can help you carry out your grand program.’

The ambassador also committed that the Chinese community members will continue to do whatever they can to make Manila a better place and contribute to the livelihood of the people of Manila.