DoH hit for bending quarantine rules to favor Koko

March 26, 2020

THE Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) slammed the Department of Health (DoH) for bending quarantine rules in favor of  Sen. Koko Pimentel. DoH came to the senator's rescue after he blatantly violated the quarantine order when he went to Makati Medical Center while accompanying his wife. Pimentel was tested COVID-19 positive.

"While millions of workers are being forced to stay at home losing daily income needed by their families, a COVID-19 infected, high-ranking government official  freely walked into a hospital and got backed up by no other than Department of Health (DoH) officials. It is evident how this government gives VIP treatment," KMU chairperson Elmer Labog said.

"Nothing can justify Pimentel's action which endangered doctors and patients in the hospital," he added.

The Makati Medical Center earlier denounced the senator for his action.

The labor group lamented that ordinary citizens are being monitored by the police and military to follow the quarantine procedures and are being threatened with arrest and withdrawal of their right to health treatment.

"We received reports of people being forced to sign a waiver stating their withdrawal of health treatment if they are arrested for violating the quarantine rules. This waiver is unlawful and inhumane. We are warning people not to sign it,"  Labog said.

"Pimentel's action displays the arrogance of those close to the Duterte government. DOH and other government agencies should stop trying to justify his actions," Labog said.