Eleazar disputes claims on ‘drugs recycling’

September 17, 2019

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office director Major General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar yesterday disputed Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency chair Director General Aaron N. Aquino’s claim that the continuous “recycling of seized drugs” by some rogue police officers in Metro Manila was the reason why the “illegal drugs industry” is not dying.

“First, we appreciate the support that the PDEA has given us in our joint operations against illegal drugs. However, with all due respect, I cannot agree completely with PDEA Director Aaron Aquino’s statement in the Senate hearing that the main reason illegal drugs still proliferate is primarily due to the recycling of drugs by policemen themselves. Unless they can identify to us these said policemen with validated reports, the sweeping statement made by the PDEA Director is not necessarily true, on face value,” the Metro Manila police director said in a press statement.

He said there may still be isolated and limited cases of drug recycling here in the ranks of the Metro police force, “but I would like to believe that this drug recycling malpractice is not existent anymore.”

He said they had relieved all the personnel of the drug enforcement units from the District down to the police stations, and eventually replaced all with new personnel.

Eleazar said his strategy was ‘to make sure that new, fresh and clean police officers will wage the honest battle against illegal drugs.”

“Every policeman is now alert and vigilant, and fully aware of his surroundings.  As a result, the NCRPO has not recorded any drug-related incident involving its active members in the past several month,” he said.