Fisherman shot dead in Navotas

September 13, 2019

A 45-year-old fisherman was shot dead by two armed men riding a motorcycle before dawn yesterday in Navotas City.

Navotas police chief P/Col. Rolando Balasabas said Jessie Jimenez, of 9 E. Nadela St., Bgy. Tangos died on the spot from multiple bullet wounds in the body while the suspects immediately sped away towards an unknown direction.

Col. Balasabas said the victim was walking along E. Nadela St. at around 4:45 a.m. to attend the wake of a certain Joey Laderaz when riding-in-tandem criminals blocked his path.

The suspects drew their respective firearms and without a word repeatedly shot the victim, hitting him in different parts of his body, killing him instantly.

Elements of Navotas Police Mobile Unit immediately conducted a follow-up operation but they failed to arrest and identify the suspects. The motive behind the killing is yet to be determined.