Gas leak sends 8 Mercury Drug employees to hospital

EIGHT employes of the Mercury Drug branch in Pandacan, Manila were rushed to the Manila Doctors' Hospital after experiencing breathing difficulty and dizzines due to a gas leak.

It was learned that the incident took place the other day after the said employes were exposed to gas that leaked from the generator which was turned on following a browout in the said branch located at Zamora Street in Pandacan.

A probe by the Manila Police District- Station 10 identified the victims as Ricky Pelayo,Juvy Muldong,Yna Angela Jose,Gielen Salvador,Anna Marie Pinel, Charlene Mae Ednante,Arlene Tanglao and Mar Rose Dongato.

Reportedly, the incident took place the other day at around 12 noon at the second floor of the Mercury Drug Zamora.branch while the said employes were having lunch and brownout hit the area.

Moments after the generator was switched on, the emplpyes began feeling dizzy and couldn't breathe which was why they were rushed to the hospital.

The assistant manager of Mercury said they are investigating the incident.

The employes were discharged around 6 p.m.