Higher pay for MMDA enforcers sought

September 21, 2019
Benny Abante

HOUSE Minority Leader Benny Abante proposed raising the salaries of traffic enforcers as he pushed for a bigger budget for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Abante said wages of the 3,000 MMDA traffic enforcers should be increased.

“Despite the supposed urgency of this problem, the MMDA’s budget was cut by 7.61 billion pesos and now must do with only 4.11 billion pesos,” Abante lamented.

According to the legislator, the huge cut “affects the 697 million-peso budget meant for the salary increases of the MMDA’s 8,000 employees.”

“This cut affects its 3,000 traffic enforcers the most, as they must survive on 9,000 pesos a month, without benefits, without GSIS, without security of tenure,” he said.

Abante learned that of the P9,000 salary of the MMDA traffic enforcers, they only take home P8,000.

“That is not even minimum wage, and is a pittance -- especially considering that they are tasked with the near-impossible job of managing traffic in Metro Manila,” he added.

“Given that 75 percent of them are hired on job order basis and do not even earn minimum wage, how do we expect them to resist bribes from motorists? Hindi talaga makatarungan ang sitwasyon nila, and we hope that our pleas to increase the budget of the MMDA find receptive ears among our colleagues in the Majority,” he added.

Another member of the Minority, Marikina 1st District Rep. Bayani Fernando, also urged the House to increase the budget of the MMDA.

The former MMDA chief suggested that the agency’s budget be augmented by funds from the Office of the President, given that the MMDA is currently under the OP.