Highway Patrol Group clearance officers sacked over fake photos

September 22, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police Highway Patrol Group director Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz yesterday clarified that the seven clearance officers of the Pasay and Muntinlupa HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Stations were sacked for their involvement in the highly-irregular “non-appearance” scheme in which they issue genuine HPG clearances to vehicles even without inspecting them physically.

“They were relieved and are now undergoing investigation for presenting to me fake, falsified and altered pictures of vehicles making us believe that the vehicles in photos appeared in their offices while in fact it was ‘non-appearance,” Cruz told the Journal Group.

He explained that they discovered the “pictures of HPG inspectors were just put intentionally beside the photos of vehicles by their HPG encoders to make it appear that the photos of the vehicles and HPG inspectors were taken in one place, same time and in one photo shot,” the PNP-HPG director added.

Cruz clarified that the HPG clearances issued by the accused were genuine HPG Motor Vehicle Clearances although they clearly violated his strict directive against the ‘non-appearance’ policy.