Homes for 178 Navotas families

October 09, 2019

THE Navotas City Government has secured new homes for 178 Navoteño families who have been living in danger zones.

From July to September this year, 95 informal settler families have transferred to NavotaAs Homes 2-Tanza and 83 have relocated to Caloocan and Bulacan.

“Living along coastlines and waterways exposed these families to constant danger. We deemed it urgent to find them safe shelter where they could start and build a better life,” Mayor Toby Tiangco said.

“While Navotas faces the challenge of having limited space, we shall continue our efforts to provide quality housing to Navoteño families,” he added.

The city government recently acquired a 5-hectare unproductive fishpond for another housing site. The project is expected to accommodate 1,800 families.

To date, Navotas has five in-city socialized housing that shelter more than 2,000 families who previously lived in danger zones or have been affected by calamities.

The projects included NavotaAs Homes 1-Tanza with 1,380 units, NavotaAs Homes 2-Tanza with 403 units, NavotaAs Residences-San Roque with 218 units, NavoHomes Kaunlaran with 120 units, and NavoHomes Dagat-dagatan with 60 units.

“We aim to build sustainable communities that would nurture Navoteño families and make life for them easier and better,” Tiangco said.