Isko bares mass housing for poor, city hall workers

September 29, 2019
Isko Moreno

MASS housing plans are now in the works for the city’s underprivileged and Manila City Hall employee.

Mayor Isko Moreno said the housing project for the employees will be located in Malate while the one for the poor will be put up in the areas of Vitas and Delpan both in Tondo.

Moreno assured that the said housing projects, once done, will be decent and beautiful.

‘Hindi tayo magpapatayo ng 18 square- meter na parang bahay ng kalapati,  masabi lang na me pabahay. Magpapagawa rin lang tayo, ‘yung maganda na,’ he assured.

The mayor said that based on the design that he has approved for the housing project in Vitas, each unit will be 42 square meters with two bedrooms – one for the parents and the other one for the children.

‘Alam n’yo naman, minsan, pag naka-‘stainless’ na si tatay, tapos malamig ang gabi, sa kakatihan ng katawan minsan ay napapakialaman ang anak  Tutal mahirap at mahal naman talaga magpatayo ng pabahay, gagawin ko nang disente, ‘yung me dignidad,’ Moreno said.

Having spent his childhood years in the slums of Tondo, Moreno said he is fully aware of such kinds of stories from their neighbors where a father gets home drunk and usually ends up molesting or even raping his own daughter or even daughters, due to the setup where all family members sleep side by side and are cramped up in a small sleeping area.

A paying scheme which will not be a burden to those who will avail of the project is also being crafted, stressing that the government should be spending for the people through services instead of  earning from them.

‘We don’t want people to pay to the point where they can no longer afford.  It defeats the purpose. I will make people pay pero kung magkano lang siguro ang kaya nilang  i-spare,’ Moreno added.