Isko: Celebrate feast of Sto. Nino peacefully

January 17, 2020
Isko Moreno

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno yesterday called on Tondo residents to celebrate the feast of the Sto. Nino slated this weekend in a peaceful and orderly fashion.

Moreno, himself a true-blue ‘Tondo boy’, said the annual celebration must not be marred by petty fights that often lead to riots and sometimes, even turn what is supposed to be a festive occasion into tragedy.

The mayor noted that while drinking sessions never fail to attend the celebration of any fiesta, the revelers could at the very least, make sure that they know their limitations.

“Pakiusap ko na sana, kung hindi ninyo matiis na hindi uminom, kung maari ay sa tiyan natin ilagay ang alak at huwag sa ulo,’ said Moreno.

Also one who knows how it is to be poor, Moreno suggested that instead of spending hard-earned money on liquor and other intoxicating beverages, the residents may instead spend on food and other forms of entertainment.

He said sing-along or videoke sessions and parlor games are better and more pleasant alternatives to drinking.

In a related move, Moreno has talked to Manila Police District (MPD) Director Brig. Gen. Bernabe M. Balba to ensure that the Tondo festivities will be safe and peaceful.

He said  additional mobile policemen in various parts of Tondo, particularly in chaos-prone areas will be deployed to guard against unruly revelers and ensure that the fiesta celebrations will be orderly and marked by sobriety.

The Sto. Nino Fiesta is marked by a grand procession from the Sto. Nino church  to major streets in Tondo and then back to the church.  

It is celebrated on the third Sunday of January every year.