Isko deplores fake news aimed at sabotaging city administration

September 14, 2019

MAYOR Isko Moreno advised Manila residents to inquire directly with City Hall or go to the official social media sites of city bureaus, offices or departments for information instead of relying on Facebook posts only.

Moreno issued the advisory even as he assailed those spreading fake news regarding benefits for senior citizens which are posted on social media, saying it is obviously aimed at misleading the public.

Moreno said he had ordered an investigation and warned those behind the misinformation that they will be dealt with accordingly.

The false information being spread on social media says that the city is granting senior citizens coding exemption whether as drivers or passengers; free maintenance medicines worth P3,000 monthly for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis and cough and colds and free medical services and laboratory tests in all hospitals.

Department of social welfare chief Re Fugoso said that free services are being given but only in public hospitals and health centers under the city government but not in national government hospitals.

Fugoso said they are looking into the possible attempt to sabotage the administration of Mayor Moreno by “spreading false information about benefits that are not even there and which would naturally result in disappointment and complaints on the part of the supposed beneficiaries.”

For senior citizens, Moreno has signed an ordinance that would provide them P500 monthly allowance effective next year. Cakes will also be given to senior citizens celebrating their birthday while Moreno gives P100,000 worth of checks for a centenarian.

Moreno has also signed an agreement with fastfood establishments to provide employment for senior citizens who are still willing and able to work.