Isko, Ecowaste Coalition to public: Keep cemeteries clean

October 30, 2019

WASTE and pollution watchdog group Ecowaste Coalition appealed to cemetery visitors to heed the call of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to keep graveyard surroundings clean.

Moreno earlier sought the cooperation of the public in keeping the city-managed Manila North and South Cemeteries clean,  as he urged everyone not to litter or leave their discards behind when they visit the tombs of their deceased relatives tomorrow and on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a traffic advisory pertaining to road closures near the Manila North Cemetery was issued by the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit (MDTEU) in connection with the observance of ‘Undas.’

A traffic rerouting scheme will be enforced from 10 p.m. today up to November 3.

The following will be closed to traffic: Aurora Boulevard from  Dimasalang to Rizal Avenue; Dimasalang Street from Makiling to Blumentritt Street; P. Guevarra from Cavite to  Pampanga Street; Blumentritt Street from A. Bonifacio to P. Guevarra; Retiro from Dimasalang to Blumentritt Extension and Leonor Rivera from Cavite to Aurora Boulevard.