Isko exposes man with 12 driver’s licenses

September 22, 2019
Isko Moreno, & Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna
Mayor Isko Moreno, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and MTPB chief Dennis Viaje with three traffic enforcers Edwin Trias, Kenneth Naval and Eduardo Lambino, who were given awards for a job well done. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

A MALE driver who was accosted for different traffic rule violations from 2013 to 2016 had 12 confiscated licenses.

This was revealed by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno based on a report submitted by Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) chief Dennis Viaje that one Joey Lasco Batilan had 12 confiscated licenses.

Viaje said Batilan was accosted by MTPB from 2013 to 2016 and each apprehension, Batilan’s “license” was being confiscated. Moreno also found that there were other apprehended drivers with five or six licenses that they no longer claim.

“Tino-tolongges po nito ang lokal na pamahalaan ng Maynila. Paano nangyari na may lisensiya si Batilan na nahuli noong 2013, pagkatapos umano ay may lisensiya siya ulit ng dalawa noong 2014? Hindi ninyo na kami matotolonges ngayon sa Maynila,” Moreno said.

Viaje presented to Moreno 50,000 confiscated and unclaimed licenses since 2003. The local government had given an amnesty which resulted in about 100 drivers claiming their licenses.  

This also prompted Moreno to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) giving the MTPB access to the system of the LTO for easy verification of drivers’  license status whenever a driver is accosted for violating traffic regulations.