Isko: Free wifi at Boni Shrine

August 15, 2019

ANOTHER feature that will surely attract visitors to the newly-refurbished Bonifacio Shrine was unveiled by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno the other night.

Accompanied by city engineer Armand Andres and special mayor’s response team (SMART) chief Maj. Jhun Ibay, Moreno opened to the public a wifi kiosk called ‘ISKOnek’ right beside the shrine of Gat Andres Bonifacio. This will provide visitors of the shrine free wifi connection while promenading or whiling their time away.

Moreno said the kiosk may also be used for making landline calls, social networking and video calls and that similar kiosks will also be put in other areas in the city.

It will be recalled that when Moreno assumed mayorship, the shrine was a filthy and stinking home to illegal vendors, shanties, human feces and urine and all sorts of trash.

On orders of Moreno, Andres had the entire vicinity of Bonifacio shrine cleaned up, spruced up and transformed into a clean and beautiful site for strolling and even picture-taking.

In a separate development, Ibay reported the arrest of a 29-year-old man tagged as the leader of the illegal power connections in Intramuros, Manila.

Ibay said Jayvee Nunez, of 634 Magallanes St.,...

Intramuros, Manila  was nabbed along with Jonathan Relosa,53,  also of Intramuros, when he tried to stop the police from effecting the arrest of Nunez, which was the result of a complaint from the Manila Electric Company itself.

A lineman reportedly saw Nunez with the electric wires and when accosted, the suspect was said to have thrown bottles at the lineman, prompting the latter to seek help from the office of Ibay, who dispatched his men to the area.

The suspect, when arrested, was found in possession of drug paraphernalia and ten meters of wire.  Police learned that he is in control of illegal power supply in the said area.

Nunez was charged with violation of the anti-pilferage act and unjust vexation before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.