Isko gives lots to Baseco informal settler families

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and city engineer Armand Andres at the Baseco property which will be given to the informal settler families there ( at the background ). Photo by JERRY S.

Isko to provide lots to 650 squatter families in Baseco.

ABOUT 650 informal settler families in a depressed community in Baseco, Manila  will soon be owners of the very lots where they used to squat.

This, after Mayor Isko Moreno ordered city engineer Armand Andres to come up with a plan subdividing the entire land, a one-hectare city property,  into several blocks which, in turn, will be divided into four-by-five-meter lots to accommodate each of the said families.

According to Moreno, the subject lot will be bulldozered and flattened after which it will be subdivided into blocks and then lots, in such a way that there will be streets inside and vehicles, specifically firetrucks, will have access to egress and ingress.

Andres said that the area used to be a site for 650 squatter-families whose houses were razed by fire about a month ago, noting that the homes were burned to the ground, because firetrucks were not able to fit into the narrow alleys.

He said that the area used to be a huge swamp and mangroves site where the residents’ houses were built on top of wooden stilts, until it sort of became a reclaimed, solid area over the years. The residents got in and out using a makeshift bamboo bridge.

Once the area had been flattened, Moreno said he will award lot assignments to the said families and eventually, titles, with a condition that they cannot sell the lot assigned to them.

Moreno was joined by Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, Andres and department of public services Kenneth Amurao in personally visiting the site where they were met by barangay officials led by chair Diana Espinosa, who will provide the city government with the list of the residents concerned.

There, they discussed the plan layout provided by Andres which was welcomed by the barangay officials and the residents themselves, who applauded Moreno and Lacuna for looking after their welfare.