Isko to help teachers claim salaries easier

November 16, 2019
Isko Moreno

Thus, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has called on those who have transactions with City Hall, so that responsibility can be pinpointed easily in case something goes wrong.

Moreno made the pronouncement during his meeting with hundreds of daycare teachers, where he vowed action against those who may cause undue delay in whatever transactions they have, such as claiming salaries.

‘Gusto ko ‘yan. May mga proseso para mapatunayan. Dapat meron kayong receiving copy para pag tinotolongges ako ng empleyado ko, kayo ang kakampihan ko,’ he told the teachers who applauded him. A ‘receiving copy’ is a copy of the original document which is returned to the transacting public after the employee who receives it has put the date and time when such is received and then signs it.

He added: ‘Pero pag kayo naman ang may pagkakamali, sana aminin din ninyo.’

In the same meeting, Moreno also vowed to help the teachers claim their wages easier by making representations with the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The teachers complained that the said bank refuses to honor the identification cards issued by the city government.

Moreno explained to them that the bank is required to look for ‘valid’ government IDs such as passport and driver’s license among others.

Just the same, he said he will talk to the said bank to work out a way so that those lacking such IDs will be allowed to use their daycare teacher IDs instead.