Isko marks 1st year as mayor sans revelry

Isko-Moreno & Honey Lacuna
Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna at the first directional meeting under the general community quarantine.Photo by JERRY S. TAN

TOMORROW (July 1), Mayor Isko Moreno marks his first year in office as the duly-elected mayor of the country’s capital city of Manila sans any revelry and with the hope for continued cooperation and support from his co-workers and the residents as well.

Just like the recent austere observance of the city’s 449th founding anniversary last June 24, Moreno said the city will also forego any pomp and pageantry to celebrate the first year of his assumption to office. Moreno took his oath on June 30, a Sunday.

Instead, Moreno said the city officialdom will be focusing the day and the city funds to the efforts being waged aggressively by its concerned units against the spread of COVID-19 and treating those who have been infected.

Moreno refused to grade his performance, saying it is totally up to the people of Manila to gauge the kind of work that he had delivered so far, adding that being conscious of being graded may only derail his countless plans for the city.

The mayor thanked Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, the members of the city council, the officials and rank-and-file and the residents of Manila for their unwavering support that helped ensure the success of the programs he launched during the past 365 days.

Moreno particularly cited the efforts of Lacuna and the councilors for willingly working overtime each time he needed enactment of measures to back up his major decisions in governance and budget allocation.

Moreno expressed gratitude that Lacuna also happens to be a doctor which became very useful in the face of the pandemic.

According to Moreno, the major roads which, for years have been lorded over by illegal vendors and which he returned to the motorists on his first day in office, will remain clear of such vendors for as long as he is the mayor.

These include Divisoria, Juan Luna and Soler, among others.

Aside from restoring order in the streets, among his major achievements are the total makeover of the Bonifacio Shrine area and Jones Bridge as well as major parks, which have all become tourist attractions. He also restored the monuments of national heroes as he pushed for the preservation of the city’s national heritage and a total cleanup of all nooks and crannies.

Moreno also lit up the dark roads of the city which used to be crime-prone areas due to lack of illumination, even as the entire stretch of Roxas Boulevard had been lighted up, any motorist would know he is already in Manila.

Moreno worked on an amelioration package worth at least P1 billion to provide students, senior citizens, solo parents and persons with disabilities, among others, with monthly financial assistance.

It is also within that one year when Moreno opened the Flora V. Siojo Dialysis Center which is the biggest in Southeast Asia and where dialysis patients are not only given free treatment but are also ferried to and from their homes also free of charge.

Moreno also established the first Muslim Cemetery in the city and recently broke ground for the new Ospital ng Maynila which he said will be at par with first-class hospitals in the country in terms of services and facilities.

Last year, way before the pandemic began, Moreno also opened the Manila Infectious Disease Control Center (MIDCC) which now serves as the city’s COVID center.

He also introduced the online payment system for City Hall transactions like paying business and real property taxes which not only spells savings in terms of time, effort and fare on the part of the public but also reduces the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus.