Isko to MPD: Leave no stone unturned in fiscal slay probe

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno with MPD chief Gen. Rolly Miranda at the flagraising ceremony in City Hall. Photo by JERRY S.TAN

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno ordered the Manila Police District (MPD) to leave no stone unturned in bringing to justice the suspect or suspects in the gruesome murder of Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Jovencio Senados, as he strongly condemned the said killing and expressed his condolences to the victim's family.

Moreno said the broad daylight attack on Senados is an affront to the institution where he belonged and to the right of the people of Manila to a peaceful and orderly way of life, amid the anxieties brought about by the pandemic.

In his directive to Miranda, the mayor said that special focus must be given to solving the slay case or it will send the wrong kind of message for the members of the judiciary in general, noting reports that Senados is just one of the many who have been slain from the said branch of government and that the fiscal was on his way to work when the ambush took place.

“The brazenness with which the murder was carried out shows that the perpetrators have no respect whatsoever to the institutions in place and this should not go unpunished,” Moreno stressed.

Moreno had been giving incentives to the police for every fugitive from justice they catch, with the purpose of preventing criminal elements from mingling with peace-loving citizens and preying on them.

In doing so, the mayor said he would not want the law-abiding residents to get in the crossfire of the criminal elements and the authorities or their enemies hunting them down.

Meanwhile, Miranda reported that based on the mayor’s orders, a team had been formed to crack down on the suspects and said they are in the nephew who was driving the vehicle, already noticed the red Innova tailing them as they cruised along the Skyway.

They had come from Calamba, Laguna where they both reside.

Miranda said that the victim had been ‘patterned’ as he follows the same kind of schedule and route everyday.

It was also found out that the plate of the other car involved, a black Mitsubishi Montero from where an occupant fired at the victim, was registered to another car.

The police is also reviewing the cases that have been handled by Senados and those that are pending.

Senados, 61, of Block 53, Lot 19, Villa Palao, Banli, Calamba City, Laguna, died instantly while his nephew who was then driving their car was unharmed when their vehicle, a red Toyota Yaris with virtual plate 05010, was cruising along the westbound lane of Quirino Avenue.

The Red Toyota Innova reportedly swerved and blocked their path at 10:52 a.m. while the black Mitsubishi Montero overtook at the right portion of the victim’s car. One of the suspects then slightly opened the window and fired successively at the victim with the use of firearms of still unknown calibre.

The two vehicles with the suspects numbering at least two on board, then sped toward the westbound lane of  Quirino Avenue going to Taft Avenue.

It was learned that among the latest controversial cases handled by Senados was last year’s murder of Batuan, Masbate Vice Mayor Charlie Yuson III on Vito Cruz Street in Sampaloc, Manila.