Isko: MTPB ‘summa cum laude’ in generating revenues

MAYOR Isko Moreno likened the city government’s Manila Parking and Traffic Bureau (MTPB) to a ‘summa cum laude’ with regard to its performance in generating revenues during the first year of his administration, with a call to other under-performing departments, bureaus and offices to do their best to perform better in the years to come.

During his first meeting with his city officials, Moreno lauded MTPB head Dennis Viaje for the outstanding performance of his office as shown by the ‘Comparative Statement of Revenues’ prepared by city treasurer Jasmin Talegon.

Moreno noted that the MTPB’s collection under the stewardship of Viaje reached over P113.2 million from July 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020, compared to the measly P39 million income generated by the same bureau for the same period of from July 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019.

This, Moreno said, only goes to show that the days of pocketing the revenues meant for the city coffers are now finally over.

“Ibig sabihin, sinisingil ang parking, iniisyuhan ng receipt at lahat ng nasisingil ay ipinapasok sa pamahalaan.  Hindi napupunta kay Patty,” Moreno said.

In the same meeting, Moreno expressed approval to the recommendation of Viaje to peg the parking rate in the city to P50 at a minimum.

He quickly clarified though, that he is in no way encouraging parking in the streets as much as possible.

In the same report, the other topnotchers when it came to generating revenues were led by the office of Talegon herself, whose income increased by P89 million so that it reached P5.2 billion.

The city general services office (CGS0) headed by Thelma Perez meanwhile, also registered an increase of P499 million compared to last year’s collection.

All in all, the total collection of the city government  under Moreno’s leadership increased by at least P690 million.

“Kailangan talaga nating sinupin ang lahat ng pera ng gobyerno lalupa’t bangkarote ito nang ating abutan,” the mayor said.