Isko to new MPD head: Remove ‘rotten eggs’

October 23, 2019
Isko Moreno

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno yesterday urged the new leadership of the Manila Police District (MPD) under P/BGen Bernabe Balba to continue what was started by his predecessor Gen. Vic Danao, Jr. in ridding the police force of ‘rotten eggs.’

At yesterday’s turn-over ceremony held at the MPD headquarters, Moreno expressed hope that he will have a good working relationship with Balba and have the MPD’s help in putting order in Manila.

Danao was reassigned as Rehional Director of PRO-4 (Calabarzon).

‘Kalusin mo agad ang mga bulok na kamatis dahil kapag pinabayaan, makakahawa, mabubulok ang lahat ng kamatis sa kaing,’ Moreno said.

In exchange, Moreno said he is willing to help the MPD with its basic needs.

Balba pledged to keep up with the expectations and called on the MPD policemen to use the ‘3M’ template —’malinis, magalang at maaasahang pulis.’

He also vowed to continue the good programs started by Danao.

Balba  also said he will implement a ‘one strike policy’ against erring cops.

Danao  meanwhile said he is thankful that under his rein, the MPD policemen never got involved in any wrongdoings and illegal activities.