Isko offers to share free online payment system with other LGUs

MAYOR Isko Moreno is offering for free to any interested local government unit (LGU) the same kind of online payment system which is now being made available for about 370,000 real property unit owners and 50,000 business establishment owners in the city of Manila.

Moreno said the new system is meant to provide the property owners and businessmen the convenience of settling their dues within the confines of their home and even beyond office hours, thus avoiding the need to go out and the possibility of getting exposed to possible sources of the coronavirus disease, while doing away with the problem of maintaining social distancing.

In his live public address, Moreno said the city of Manila was able to get and utilize the multi-million worth of online system without having to spend a single centavo and as such, he would want to share it with other LGUs who will also be getting the system for free.

“Nananawagan ako sa lahat ng mayor kung gusto n’yo lang, ino-offer namin, kung gusto n’yo, ibibigay namin sa inyo ng libre, ang source code kayo me ari. TY, walang tosgas,” Moreno said.

The mayor said that given the number of those who have to pay such taxes and personally go to City Hall during normal times, the new payment system will effectively declog traffic and lessen foot traffic in City Hall.

Moreno thanked those who have availed of the online payment system, adding that taxpayers may still opt to personally pay their dues in City Hall if they want although they are limited by the official working hours of up to 5 p.m. only.

He assured that the system is ‘secured,’ and ensures that all payments go directly to the city coffers. It can be availed through website

It was learned that the online payment system in Manila will also soon cover occupational health clearances, birth certificates, job opportunities, residence certificates or ‘cedula’ and a wide range of other services possible, with the option of either picking up the documents or having them delivered to the taxpayer’s given addres.