Isko to parents: Have your kids vaccinated

September 27, 2019

MAYOR Isko Moreno yesterday urged all parents in Manila to make sure that their children are immunized from polio, diphtheria and all other illnesses which may be arrested via vaccinations, by taking advantage of such free medical services being offered in the city’s various health centers and hospitals.

Moreno made the call after receiving a report from vice mayor Honey Lacuna, who is also in charge of city hospitals, that the ten-year-old girl who was admitted in Sta. Ana Hospital recently was confirmed to have died of diphtheria, as per a report from the Department of Health.

Since the illness is contagious, Lacuna said efforts were already undertaken by the Manila Health Department under Dr. Arnold Pangan to disinfect the Sta. Ana Hospital and distribute prophylaxis -- erythromycin tablet and suspension -- to all those who were exposed to the patient, particularly children.

Lacuna said the same measures were also made in the school where the diphtheria victim went, apart from catch-up immunization and health education, among others.

In line with this development, Moreno encourages all parents in the city, specially those from the poor sector, to bring their children to the health centers or hospitals nearest to them and have them vaccinated and protected from preventable diseases that include polio, among others.

According to Moreno, all of the six city-run hospitals and the close to 60 barangay health centers are equipped with sufficient supplies to address such problems at no cost to the patients.

Moreno cited the case of the 10-year-old girl who recently died of diphtheria, who was found to have had incomplete vaccination history as per the records from the Kahilom Health Center which is the nearest center to where the child lived.

The girl contracted the illness, characterized by fever, sore throat, mouth sore and difficulty of breathing, on September 17.  She died three days later.