Isko praised for orderly Undas

November 01, 2019
Isko Moreno and Kenneth Amurao
DPS chief Kenneth Amurao briefs Mayor Isko Moreno about the deployment of sweepers in the city-run cemeteries. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

VISITORS who trooped to the Manila North Cemetery and the Manila South Cemetery yesterday commended Mayor Isko Moreno for the orderliness and reforms introduced in the said cemeteries which provided much convenience for them.

Elderly citizens particularly thanked and commended Moreno for the provision of free transportation for them.  About 50 e-trikes have been stationed near the entrance gates to ferry senior citizens as well as handicapped cemetery-goers to the tombs of their departed loved ones.

The cemetery-goers also expressed satisfaction that the entrance gates and the way leading to the tombs were no longer littered with vendors, as Moreno declared the said cemeteries off-limits to peddlers, saying the presence of such only adds chaos, as they occupy huge spaces.

Unlike in previous years, visitors are now greeted by wide walking spaces -- from sidewalks to the main roads -- thus doing away with clogging which usually begins right at the entrance gates.

Department of Public Services chief Kenneth Amurao said that the streetsweepers assigned in the said cemeteries are also thankful for the lack of vendors inside, saying these vendors are usually the source of so much litter during ‘Undas’ season.

Based on the accounts of the utility personnel, their hands are usually full cleaning after the vendors who used to lord it over at the cemeteries, without any regard for them (streetsweepers).

‘As I’ve said time and again, we want to preserve the solemnity of our cemeteries. They are not supposed to be commercialized, where unscrupulous employees and big companies rake in huge profits, to the inconvenience of the greater majority, or the public who go there to pay respects to their dead,’ Moreno said.

Moreno also ordered putting up help desks and emergency  mobile units manned by medical and rescue teams under Arnel Angeles, chief of the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office.

The Manila North Cemetery, in particular, is the biggest in the entire country, spanning 54 hectares. As such, it houses the most number of tombs and registers the largest number of visitors every year.